Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monumental Me

A recent class assignment asked us to compose "monumental" self-portraits, along the lines of Emperor Constantine's famous busts. To facilitate "big thinking," we had to execute the project on 3'x4' sheets of paper. No stranger to self-portraits, I wanted to capture something unique with this one---and so it became my own little (or big, rather) "Ode to Mornings." Or perhaps "A Coffee Cup Manifesto." Or "The Infinite Struggle of Waking." Either way, I think it captures my workday trek from the Bronx to Manhattan at the bright hours of way-too-early. For a better sense of the drawing's scale, refer to the photo below.


  1. i am so happy that my cup has been forever immortalized in your self portrait. one day when you are famous and your art pieces are in a museum, i will turn to my kids and tell them, "that, was daddy's cup."

  2. Yea, and I'll say to my kids, "Daddy knew that man. He was smaller then. He was a good guy.. a real asshole, but we loved him." Haha