Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Founding Face of Pixar

I sent in some artwork to the Pixar fan site "Pixar Times" recently as part of their new Knick Knacks project (it's like Disney's Vinylmation product line, except 2D and set in a Buzz Lightyear template). I figured no Pixar tribute would be complete without a nod to its creative co-founder John Lasseter---idea-man behind Toy Story, Cars, and other favoraites, known especially for his constant enthusiasm and walk-in closet full of Hawaiian t-shirt---so that's how I ended up with the cherub-faced figure above. Be sure to head over to Pixar Times  to see the rest of the great submissions in this round!


  1. Love yours, obviously, but the Sully/Mike one might eek yours out for victory.

    Also, sorry I haven't responded to your email. Two days off meant enough catching up to do to not respond to personal emails.

  2. Clearly it is an honor just to be featured among such talent. As for me, I'm partial to the bird.

    And that catching up sounds like tough work. Perhaps another trip to Orlando is in order...not that New York isn't balmy enough right now.