Friday, September 30, 2011

Woody Allen at Work

I've loved New York since I first discovered that it was the inspiration behind just about every superhero I loved as a kid. And years later, when I finally set foot in the city itself, the deal was sealed.

As a bit of a love letter to the city that inspired me as boy (and continues to jazz up my life in ways that only New York can), I've started an illustration project that will feature some of the most iconic artists and authors associated with the big city. As an added bit of fun, I thought I'd do the entire thing on an iPad.

The above illustration of Woody Allen directing (who else but) Woody Allen is the first portrait in the series. There's a lot to say about it compositionally, but I'll leave most of the discussion for when I've got the whole set completed (the idea is that the series will ultimately form something of a narrative of the artist in New York throughout the eras). 

Here's a look at the painting under construction in the Brushes app:

Stay tuned for portraits of Scott Fitzgerald, Walt Whitman, and more. And for those of you interested in seeing more cool portraits of super famous directors, check out some of Madhi Chowdhury's inspiring illustrations here, including Chaplin, Scorsese, and other greats. 

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