Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Adventure Begins!

Ahoy there, friends! Welcome to the first post of my new art blog--the place where I'll be posting artwork, iPad illustrations, sketches, and just about anything creative I can come up with on a (fingers-crossed) semi-regular basis.

Figured I'd use this first post to talk about the process behind my banner image.

Once I had decided on a title, I drew up a quick thumbnail at work, then developed it into a full sketch at home.

The face in the first sketch wasn't quite emotive enough for my tastes, so I went for a second pass and then combined the two sketches in Photoshop. 

After that, I brought the sketch into  Illustrator for some digital vector-inking.

From there, I took the lineart into Photoshop, added a torn paper texture behind it, and did a quick digital inkwash. Then it was just a matter of finding some adventurous lettering to lay over of the image. 

And with that, voila! One illustration from concept to finished product.


  1. What an culturally stimulating blogpost. I look forward to reading many more.

    Hope NY's treating you well, and don't think I've forgotten you still owe me a racquetball match.

  2. Many thanks to you, Mr. Peterson.

    As for the racquetball match, your memory is quite keen. Let me just say that there are plenty of racquet clubs all throughout New York City. Perhaps you are due for a holiday.